Remove Silence 1.1

Matan Zohar
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Remove silence is a max patch that lets you automatically remove silence from audio clips*.

For Live 11 and above**

Demo video:

CHOP - deletes the silent portions of the audio clip.

SPLIT - mutes the silent portions of the audio clip.

TRIM - deletes the silent portions from the beginning and end of audio clips.

The threshold setting determines the maximum volume of the silence to remove.

The padding settings control how many samples to leave at the beginning and end of each segment. Their combined sum determines the minimum number of samples of silence to chop. Lower settings on both can result in long processing times on long audio clips.

The Auto setting multiplies or divides the end padding depending on the length of the audio clip.

You can put it on your master or anywhere in your project. All buttons and settings are mappable.

*Note that for warped and/or looped audio clips, it will automatically turn off looping and warping before removing silence.

**Note that some people have had issues making the device work at all. If you have such problems please get in touch!

v1.1: Fixed time conversion error

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Remove Silence 1.1

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